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Precautions and advantages of extruded board in the production process

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Precautions and advantages of extruded board in the production process

Matters needing attention in the production process of extruded board:

1. Extruded board, as the name implies, is manufactured through an extrusion process, so the extrusion process must be controlled in place to ensure that qualified extruded boards are produced.

2. Extruded board is a combustible material. The state stipulates that a certain amount of flame retardant should be added in the production process to prevent potential safety hazards during use.

Third, the surface of the extruded board must be treated after extrusion, which can better improve the performance of the board.

Let's talk about the advantages of extruded board:

1. The advantages of extruded board exterior wall insulation technology are outstanding. The effect of thermal bridge is basically eliminated, and the energy saving effect is good. Since the entire building is wrapped with extruded panels with extremely low thermal conductivity, the indoor cold and hot environment of the building is stabilized. It can not only avoid condensation on the thermal bridge, but also eliminate the heat loss caused by the thermal bridge.

2. Protect the wall structure and extend the life of the building. The external thermal insulation of extruded panels effectively avoids the damage to the structure caused by the harsh external weather conditions, buffers the stress caused by the deformation of the structure due to temperature changes, reduces the erosion of harmful gases and ultraviolet rays in the air on the enclosure structure, and makes the wall The possibility of cracks and breakage is reduced, which extends the life of the building.

Third, the waterproof effect is good, so that the damp and wet condition of the wall can be improved. In the natural environment, the water absorption rate of extruded board is extremely low, which can effectively prevent rain and moisture from the insulation layer.

Fourth, it is safe and reliable and shortens the construction period. The external insulation of the extruded board adopts the fixing method of bonding and studs, which makes the system more reliable. At the same time, the external wall insulation does not occupy the interior decoration period, and the main body can be constructed immediately after construction, which is especially suitable for the external insulation of high-rise buildings. In addition, the external thermal insulation of the extruded plastic board also has the advantages of convenient construction and increasing the use area of the house.

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