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The difference between "coating film" and "pre-coating film" of laminating machine film

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Laminator film is divided into two categories according to equipment and process, one is “ie coating film” and the other is “pre-coating film”; among them, there are two kinds of film and sub-film. The pre-coating film is a process in which a plastic film is rewound in advance and then combined with a paper printed product.

That is, the coating film is a process in which a film coating machine is used to immediately perform film-plastic compounding with a coating film. It is mainly used as a coating film processing factory or a processing workshop. After applying the adhesive to the reel plastic film as needed, it is dried (slightly) composited and pressurized to adhere the paper film together to form a laminating product.we are provide gypsum ceiling tile machine and fiber cement board production line,you can know it. 

That is, the coating film equipment has two kinds of automatic and semi-automatic, and its basic working principle is the same; the main process flow includes unwinding → gluing coating → drying → compounding → slitting → finished product stacking.

The pre-coating film is prepared by the pre-coating film processing factory according to the difference in the format of the specification. The glue is coated and re-rolled, and then selected by the manufacturer to be combined with the printed paper. There are three kinds of pre-coated films: hot film, pressure sensitive film and special film. The binding is mainly used in two types of hot film: BOPP, PET (and one is N nylon).

The pre-coating process is mainly pre-adhesive→upper-rolling→sizing coating (hanging type)→curing and cooling→rewinding→cutting→retracting volume→finished packaging. Pre-coating machine: temperature adjustment → roll up → paper feed → heating → compound → slitting → automatic stacking → finished product.

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