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fiber cement board making machine product description

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product description

Fiber cement Board is composed of paper fiber, siliceous lime, slacked lime, quartz powder and adding appropriate reinforced material,processed by pulping、molding、autoclaved curing and drying、sanding etcs procedure to be one kind of new mtaerials with features of light weight、high strength、excellent refractory and heat insulation performance.

This product can be widely used as building interior wall、suspended ceiling and acoustic panel of gyp/theater/meeting room after sawed、drilled、nailed、planed etcs process and calcium silicate board surface decoration processing.Calcium silicate board also can combine other materials and then change into kinds of fireproof、sound insulation 、Energy saving tub surround.

Slurry preparation

1.Put cement, quartz powder, pulp, and other raw materials with water (controlled by Φ4000 backwater tank) in the pump beater. All material will be mix up in here continuously until reach the standard.

2.Transfer slurry to bucket slurry storing pool, and keep the mixing process to keep the consistency. After that, slurry will be pour on the running carpet, dehydrate through the vacuum chamber, compact and roll on the forming roller. The layer of the slurry will keep adding the thickness and dehydration. Thus, basic format of the board formed, called slab.

3.The left over liquid after the dehydration process will be collected and pump back to the mixed water tank for reuse. After the precipitation, sediment will be sent back to the pump beater with raw material for reuse. Mixing water will also sent back for adjust the consistency of the slurry. Clear water will use for washing the running carpet.

4.Detach slab from the forming roller, and longitudinal shearing machine will be used in here to cut both side of the slab.

5.There are two Hydraulic vacuum stackers attached on the three-position hydraulic vacuum loader for attaching a mold to the slab. They move synchronously to finish this cycle. 

Step one, stacker one picks a mold from mold trolley. Step two, lifting platform will push those two stackers up and down. Stacker one drops the mold on the steam trolley, and the cutting blade which attached before the stacker two will trim horizontal sides of the slab. Stacker two picks up a slab from the conveyor.

 Step three, stacker two puts the slab on the stream trolley, and stacker one goes back to mold trolley for picking the next mold.

6.Waste edge which cut from the slab will be sent back to back material mixer. After mixing, it will be reused.

7.Slab on the steam trolley now will be settled to the steam curing room for mold detachment.

According to the thickness

1.super thin slab: 2.5-3.5mm;

2.standard board: 4-12mm;

3.thick board: 12-30mm;

4.super thick board: 31-100mm。

According to different purpose

1.interior wall board

2.exterior wall board

3.floor plate

4.Decorative sheet

According to whether add asbestos

1.chrysotile fiber cement board

2.Non asbestos fiber cement board

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