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gypsum ceiling tile machine

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gypsum ceiling tile machine

The gypsum ceiling is covered with a PVC film on the basis of the gypsum board. It is covered with aluminum foil film. It has high waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-flame-proof, heat-insulating, anti-radiation, anti-sag, no deformation and other characteristics. High, durable and free of toxic substances, it has a certain regulating effect on indoor temperature and is beneficial to human health. It is an ideal green building material. It is suitable for all major shopping plazas, stations, entertainment venues, restaurants, etc. It is beautiful in design and unique in design. It is not a craft, it is like a craft.

gypsum ceiling tile machine manufacturer told The key technologies used in the gypsum board film production line include high-precision coating and pneumatic composite technology. The above-mentioned technologies are in a leading position in the domestic industry, and have achieved certain breakthroughs and innovations in production and use, with outstanding features and advantages.we are gypsum ceiling tile machine manufacturer,we can guarantee quality.

Process flow:

Manual upper plate (automatic upper plate)--------dust removal-------gluing-----PVC film or aluminum foil film unwinding---composite film and gypsum board pneumatic composite-- -Manual cutting---Exiting plate-Automatic flapping-----Gluing---PVC film or aluminum foil film unwinding----Composite film and gypsum board pneumatic compound----manual cutting---out Board --- automatic stacking.

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