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gypsum laminate machine for ceiling board decoration

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gypsum laminate machine for ceiling board decoration

This machine adopts latest coating and laminating technology, and is to laminate the functional or decorative films with the board together. 

The whole machine is in synchronous way.


The gypsum board lamination machine is used to paste the decorative film and Boards together. 

First, put the board on the rollers. After the dust collection process, 

Coat the glue on the boards, the glue will be d after conveying on the guide rollers. 

Then it will be combined with the film and enters into the recombination mechanism. 

After passing and cyclic rolling of the two lines of press roller, pinch roller and Forming 

roller, the recombination is finished. 

The machine is fit for the surface decorative materials, such as pasted and compound decorative film and decorative paper, etc of the PVC baseboard, profile, Low foaming board and wood board, etc.

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