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mgo board making machine manufacturers

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Product Description

Batching platform

This kind of feeding platform is made of medium carbon steel plate and heavy caliber medium carbon steel tube. On the head position of the forming line, there is equipped multiple feed opening, which can meet the requirements of different specification of Mgo board. Above the platform, there is installed three sets of blenders, which are used to stir different kind of raw materials sufficiently. There is also equipped automatic releasing agent device,which is used to guarantee the sufficient painting on the moldboard surface. It is adopted slipping silo to feed material and achieving save labor and time.

Appearance quality detection

Board appearance quality depends on equipment accuracy.through sampling inspection, the thickness tolerance is less than +_3% which is less than national standard +_6%, right-angle degree of deviation to tolerance is less than 0.2%, length and width tolerance is less than 3mm,(national standard 4mm), all appearance quality meet to national standard.

Automatic controlling system

Automatic system mostly adopts international famous brand electric parts, being with good stability, easily operation, easily maintenance, high electric stability and easily controlling, strong capacity of resisting disturbance.

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