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mgo board production line manufacturers

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Automatic glass magnesium fireproof board production line equipment features:

1.High degree of automation: The whole production line adopts PLC computer automatic control, which realizes automatic upper template, automatic coating release agent, automatic batching, automatic sizing, automatic spreading, automatic leveling, automatic cutting, automatic recompression, automatic Automated functions such as board.

2,high output: the production line production speed is adjustable, the output of the class is between 1,500 and 2,600 sheets, which can be adjusted according to market conditions.

3,the specification of the plate is adjustable: can produce 2-40mm of various specifications of the plate, if there are special requirements, you can customize the equipment.

4,can produce a variety of products: glass magnesium plate, flue board, composite central air conditioning ventilation duct board, reinforced glass magnesium plate, vitrified microbead granule insulation board, polystyrene granule insulation board, partition wall board, exterior wall insulation Board and other products.

5,reduce the amount of labor: the entire production line using PLC computer automation control, 6 people can complete the entire line of production tasks, and labor intensity is low.

6.Accurate specification adjustment: Each thickness control roller is controlled by digital display, and the adjustment speed is fast. According to the production requirements, the adjustment of different thickness specifications is made, and the adjustment precision is high.

7.Automatic cutting and separation: Adopt intelligent cutting system, according to the specification requirements, automatically cut products of various specifications, reduce the amount of labor, improve the accuracy of the product, and ensure the rapid flow of production.we are provide mgo board production line,you can know it. 

8.Automatic cleaning template: The production line is equipped with an automatic cleaning template system. After the product is offline, the back of the template is clean as new. After the product is demolded, the template is double-sided cleaned with a dedicated template automatic cleaning device to ensure the thickness and precision of the sheet product.

9,automatic unloading plate: fully automatic intelligent unloading plate, reduce the labor intensity of workers, extend the service life of the template, reduce the damage caused by the artificial plate.

10.Automatic palletizing and packaging: According to the customer's requirements, it can realize multi-standard and indefinite product quantity packaging.

11.Concentrated dust collection: dust removal and dust collection devices are used throughout the production and subsequent finishing processes to ensure a clean production environment, reduce pollution, improve the appearance of the company, and collect dust for reuse and reduce production costs.

As always, we insist on customer first, quality assurance, and honesty. The letter-based business philosophy is the right choice for enterprise development.

In the future development path, our company will continue to adhere to the quality of technology as the core competitiveness, based on excellent products and sincere service, has fully satisfied the needs of customers as their responsibility, and make the enterprise bigger and stronger.

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