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Rock Wool Natural Gas Melt Furnace

Melting system
1) Furnace platform
2)Cupola furnace
3) Material level control system
4)Dust catcher
5)Waste gas burning furnace
6)Waste gas intake pipe
7)Waste gas intake fan
8)Heat exchanger
9)Control cabinet
10) Melting furnace cooling system
11)Wind supply fan for the melting furnace
12)Wind supply pipeline for melting furnace

Product Description

Rock wool melting furnace

natural gas rock wool,granular cotton melting furnace,the melting temperature of furnace can reach 1530 degrees, which can meet various melting requirements. The furnace body has built-in energy-saving devices, which can save energy by 10%--30% and greatly reduce production costs; Using our company's special configuration of furnace body and furnace lining, the furnace have the characteristic of long service life, corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Compared with the traditional melting furnace, it has the advantages of low production cost, high degree of automation, environmental protection and high efficiency. It is a new type of environmental protection and energy saving device strongly supported by the the country. The device is the first set of equipment in China, and the technical equipment has obtained national invention patents and utility model technologies, and has independent intellectual property rights.


Compared with the traditional cupola, the high-efficiency and energy-saving natural gas melting furnace has the following advantages: using natural gas as energy, meeting the requirements of environmental protection and new energy; low energy consumption, natural gas consumption per ton of finished products is about 200 standard cubic meters; long lining life, normal working conditions It is 6-12 months for the next time; the volumetric efficiency is high; the temperature in the furnace is uniform.




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Product Description: 1. Capacity: 2000pcs/8h-10000pcs/8h 2. Automatic level: high automatic. 3. Raw material: natural gypsum powder, mesh, fiber-glass, water, addtives 4. Installation and commission: 2 workers , 15-20 days.
According to different purpose 1. interior wall board 2. exterior wall board 3. floor plate 4. Decorative sheet
The mineral fiber board production line includes raw material mixing system, fourdrinier forming system and vacuum pump system, water cutting system, accelerating conveying system, lifting distribution system, board feeding system, drying system, hot air circulating system, board releasing system, board over-turning system, puttying system, small drying system I, coating system, small drying system II, embossing system, small drying system III, cutting system, dust collecting system, packing stacking system, control system.
The production of MgO board adopts the wet plate rolling forming process, where the raw materials are measured and weighed through proportioning, mixed and stirred by a mixer (manually or automatically), and rolling forming. Primary curing, demolding and secondary curing in the curing room. Cutting and sanding, quality inspection and packaging. Complete the entire production system. The products are divided into: regular version of MgO board and MgO sanding board.
Our company is the first manufacturer in China to develop and produce automatic PVC gypsum ceiling production line. It has fully automatic production line(single-side lamination type and double side lamination type), semi-automatic production line and economic type for customers to choose. As the production line uses modular combination, we can give appropriate solution according to customer requirement and budget.

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