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About the introduction of PVC Laminated gypsum board

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About the introduction of PVC Laminated gypsum board

The PVC film on the surface of PVC  gypsum board is treated with special technology, anti-static, fireproof, moisture-proof and easy to clean. It can fully meet the requirements of high-precision electronic workshops, hospital operating rooms, biological laboratories, etc.

PVC gypsum  standard specifications: size: 595 × 595mm, 600 × 600mm, 603 × 603mm, thickness: 7 ~ 12mm. (We can make various specifications according to customer needs)

The main characteristics of PVC  gypsum board: no dust, create ultra-clean space, oil-resistant, scrub, anti-static.

PVC veneer products are complete in specifications, rich in color, high in quality and low in price, convenient in construction, durable and not easily deformed. Since its launch on the market, it has been selling well, and its products are sold at home and abroad. It is known as the pearl of the world's oriental pearl and is favored by domestic and foreign customers.

Recommended places for PVC veneer gypsum board: biological laboratory, food processing plant, computer room, hospital operating room, special ward, electronics and other dust-free space.

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