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Stone wool production line Rock Wool Board Production Line Mineral Wool Production Plant

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Rock wool products are mainly made of high-quality basalt, dolomite, and other raw materials. After high-temperature melting, they are centrifuged into fibers using a four axis centrifuge at high speed. At the same time, a certain amount of binder, dustproof oil, and water repellent are sprayed into them. After being collected by a fiber collector, they are cured and cut using a pendulum method and three-dimensional fiber laying method, forming rock wool products of different specifications and purposes.Due to the fact that rock wool products are artificial inorganic fibers processed through high-temperature melting, they have the characteristics of light weight, low thermal conductivity, heat insulation, and flame retardancy, and are widely used in various industries.

Product width
1.2 meters
Annual production time
300 days
Annual capacity
47500 tons/year
Product density
Product thickness
Utility requirements
natural gas\Water\electricity
Raw material

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Process description of Rock Wool Machine Feeding system -Cupola -Exhaust gas beat exchanging system -Centrifugal fiber making system -Fiber collecting system -Pendulum system -Press and corrugation system - Curing oven system -Longitudinal cutter-Cross cutter -recycling system -Packing system


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