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Application and future development trend of new building materials

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Application and future development trend of new building materials

New building materials are new types of building materials that are different from traditional building materials such as bricks and tiles, limestone, etc. The industry has clearly defined the scope of new building materials, that is, new building materials mainly include new wall materials and new waterproof seals. Four categories of materials, new thermal insulation materials and decoration materials.

The development of the construction industry to this day, the traditional building materials used to be the mainstream products in the building materials market for a long time to come, but with the development of productivity and the research and development of new technologies, new building materials are also quietly occurring. Changes, with the development of my country's independent research and development technology for new building materials, the application of new technologies for new building materials has become more and more extensive. The proportion in the future construction market will gradually increase. New building materials developed on the market have advantages that traditional building materials do not have. In addition, in terms of the appearance effect of building materials, the newly developed new building materials are novel and generous, which can keep up with the human needs of modern society for appearance, and can be well integrated into the modern construction industry; finally, from the environmental protection aspect of a friendly society It can be seen that the newly developed new building materials are more environmentally friendly than traditional building materials, and are compatible with my country's new guidelines and policies for building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society. It is the only way for the development of materials in the construction industry.

1. Application of new building materials in the construction industry

Speaking of new building materials, we must first mention the traditional building materials with cement and asphalt as the main body. Now, these traditional building materials can no longer meet people's high-level living requirements. After the continuous efforts of many scientific research and development personnel, the new Developed new building materials with multiple functions. These new building materials are based on the original traditional materials. With the development of new production technologies, the application of these new building materials has greatly reduced construction waste. At the same time, it reduces the waste of natural resources and reduces the input of manpower and material resources. Therefore, new building materials have good development and application prospects. With the continuous development of productivity and the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the level of building scientific research, in addition to the building materials necessary for the buildings used in the past, the current research direction of new building materials has high strength, long service life, and environmental protection. With many advantages such as pollution-free, energy-saving and light weight, the research and development of new building materials in our country has now been presented in the new era with a new look, and is actively adding new vitality to the building materials market in our country.

2. Application and development trend of new building materials

New building materials have gradually penetrated into all areas of the construction industry market in my country, and have played an exemplary role in modern construction. With the continuous introduction of new technologies in my country and the development of independent research and development technologies for new building materials in my country, new technologies for new building materials The application has spread to all corners of our country, and the situation is very good. At present, our country’s new building materials include

(1) Chemical synthesis of new building materials

In the long-term construction history of our country, chemical synthetic materials have always occupied a dominant position. The raw materials of chemically synthesized building materials are mostly toxic and harmful chemical materials. These chemically synthesized building materials occupy a large share in the early construction market in my country. , But there are many problems left. Chemical synthetic materials have the characteristics of strong reproducibility and strong re-molding. Generally, they can be produced on a large scale with high output. Chemical raw materials are also abundant and low in price. New chemical building materials are not toxic or harmful. It has good resistance, such as corrosion resistance, strong compression resistance, strong toughness, light weight and low production cost. Since the reform and opening up, the construction industry has always been a pillar industry of our country. It has escorted and played a key role in the economic take-off of our country. Since the beginning of the new century, the construction industry has developed rapidly. To meet the development needs of society, the research and development and use of new chemical building materials are imperative, which represents the development trend of new building materials in my country.

(2) New high-strength cement new building materials

In the past, the main material of cement was mainly various silicates. The research and development directions of the newly developed new cement materials are mainly focused on the aspects of high durability and greening and environmental protection. The new cement building materials are also developed through innovative research and development on the basis of traditional cement building materials. The largest ratio is sand and gravel aggregates, and these aggregates are leftovers produced in marble mining. They are inexhaustible and low in cost. As long as we develop reasonably, we can Inexhaustible and inexhaustible, and a good implementation of the country's guidelines for building energy conservation and environmental protection, while contributing to the country's sustainable development.

(3) New wall masonry materials

At present, in the process of building construction, an important part of the building is the masonry of the wall. The masonry of the wall is an important part of the construction process. The quality of the wall masonry is related to the use of the building after completion; Architectural coatings are an important building material used in the process of construction projects. Architectural coatings are known as the outerwear of buildings. Architectural coatings are distributed in every corner of the building. The safety and stability of architectural coatings are related to the quality and It is harmful to the identity of residents, so the research and development of new building coatings is also a focus of the research and development of new building materials; at present, China's science and technology has achieved rapid development, and some abandoned building materials can also be used to produce new building materials. , Can be used as one of the original sources of new building materials, which not only saves the labor cost of handling these waste materials, but also contributes to a society that makes full use of resources and advocates energy conservation and environmental protection in China.

(4) Green building materials

The current green building materials are materials that are compatible with green buildings. They refer to the new building materials used in the construction of green buildings that are green, low energy consumption, pollution-free, and have no pressure on the environment after being degraded. It is produced by using newly developed new technologies. It is a new technology with low energy consumption and recyclability. The new technologies and concepts for the production of green and environmentally friendly new building materials are imported from abroad. If we look at green buildings in a unified way, then The use of new green building materials in buildings will have no or negligible little impact on the surrounding environment. Although the concept of new green and environmentally friendly building materials production technology is a very advanced concept, it is used in actual production. There are still certain problems in the process, because it is a new technology after all, and the research and development is not very mature, but the concept of research and development of new technology for the production of green and environmentally friendly building materials is advanced and represents a direction for the development of the building materials industry. The current environmental protection additives include hydroxypropyl methylcellulose HEC, made of cotton, which is environmentally friendly.

(5) New intelligent building materials

Intelligent building is already the mainstream product in our current construction market. Intelligent building must have its own independent thinking. It can execute corresponding instructions according to external instructions or external needs. It represents the top level of modern architecture. Intelligent building materials are materials with new functions. They have "simulating human intelligence" and can respond differently to different commands, allowing people to live in a more relaxed and pleasant environment. New smart building materials can communicate with people through commands and follow It changes as people's instructions change. In addition, through the sensing of the environment and the sensor part of its own, certain specific instructions can be completed from the master. At present, new intelligent building materials are mainly reflected in the application of building intelligence, which has not been popularized, but this is the construction industry. A trend is that with the development of the construction industry, it is bound to be widely used.

3. Discussion and summary

The research and development of new building materials is the most important part of the development process of construction projects. As long as a construction company has mastered new technology and new R&D capabilities, it will have the core corporate competitiveness of a construction company. It will be invincible in the fiercely competitive construction market. With the development of productivity and construction materials With the research and development of new production technologies, the energy available to mankind is becoming less and less. Therefore, an environmentally friendly society that advocates and advocates energy conservation and emission reduction is becoming more and more important. To be safe, comfortable, beautiful, and durable, the concept of human sustainable development came into being. The development and application of new building materials also need to open up new paths and face challenges from all aspects.

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