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Automatic high quality gypsum board equipment

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A multi-purpose machine. It can produce fireproof board, inner and outer wall insulation board, etc. The machine adopts roll-pressing board, which has the functions of automatic spreading, automatic cloth, automatic cutting, automatic board, high-speed recompression, automatic board, etc. The machine is easy to operate. Smooth operation, can produce different specifications according to customer requirements,

Wall insulation and energy-saving products of different materials, the surface of the product is smooth, flat and high-density.

It has completely changed the cumbersome construction process of the expanded polystyrene board thin plastering exterior wall insulation project, speeding up the construction speed and improving the economic benefits.

Project Investment Proposal:

Recommended for interior wall fire insulation board: reinforced fiber glass magnesium board

2.Recommended for exterior wall fire insulation board: reinforced fiber cement composite fire insulation board

Thermal insulation board production equipment

Large-scale automatic foamed cement insulation board equipment is re-larged on the basis of medium-sized combined automatic foamed cement insulation board equipment.

automation! High Yield! Can meet the production needs of large foamed cement insulation board!we are provide gypsum ceiling tile machine and fiber cement board production line,you can know it. 

Advantages of using ordinary Portland cement foam in practical production applications:

1.The common purchase price of ordinary Portland cement is low, which overcomes the disadvantages of high refractory purchase of sulphoaluminate cement foam raw materials;

2.The ordinary Portland cement foam insulation board has high strength in the later stage, which overcomes the defects of poor strength of sulphoaluminate cement in the later stage. The company's R&D and production of Pu-Si-Cement foam stabilized foam enhancer effectively solves the problems such as collapse, cracking, chalking, slow solidification, heavy density, product brittleness and foaming of the existing Pu-Si foamed thermal insulation board. Defects such as instability.

3.Advanced dust-proof and dust-removing equipment and equipment, all three wastes in the production process are reused, basically achieving zero emissions.

The cleanliness of the production workshop has been revolutionized. Effectively protect the worker's body and prevent occupational diseases caused by dust. Full line mechanization, automation; semi-automatic and many other grades to choose from.

The company implements management in strict accordance with the modern enterprise system, and is committed to advocating corporate advanced culture and strengthening the talent team.

Wu Jianshe creates a good atmosphere of positive, honest, realistic, harmonious and harmonious. The company will be "continuously surpassing itself" as its goal, in the spirit of "unity, integrity, dedication, truth-seeking"

Spirit, in accordance with the sustainable development of science and technology, environmental protection and energy conservation

Exhibition requirements, increase innovation, and constantly develop and launch new products that lead the fashion trend, to provide customers with quality products and services.

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