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Four matters should be paid attention to in the production of extruded board

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Four matters should be paid attention to in the production of extruded board

The extruded board is a rigid board made of polystyrene resin as raw material and continuously extruded and foamed through a special process. Its interior is an independent closed bubble structure. Environmentally friendly thermal insulation material with excellent properties such as breathability, light weight, corrosion resistance, long service life and low thermal conductivity. Polystyrene (XPS) insulation boards are widely used in wall insulation, flat concrete roof and steel structure roof insulation, moisture-proof insulation in low-temperature storage floors, parking platforms, airport runways, highways, etc., to control ground frost heave.

1. Pay attention to the extrusion process

In order to improve the competitive advantage, it is necessary to produce plates with certain competitive advantages and improve the quality of the plates, which requires effective control of the quality of the plates, which can be started from the production process. This kind of plate is made by extrusion process. The effective control of this link can realize the quality control of the plate.

2. Add flame retardant

In the production process of extruded plastic board, it is also important to add flame retardants. Since this kind of board ignites when it sees fire, it is very prone to fire accidents. Therefore, flame retardants are also added during production to effectively organize And to delay the violent combustion of the board, now, the state has also issued a corresponding policy, non-flame retardant board wall.

3. Peeling treatment

In the production process, we should also pay attention to the peeling treatment. The main purpose of this process is to improve the adhesion of the entire system and release the internal stress. In the processing and production process of the extruded board, it also needs to be peeled before it can be applied and installed. It is very necessary to perform peeling treatment. The ordinary skin is smooth, which is very stickable with plastering mortar and adhesives. poor, so it needs to be peeled.

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