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Glass magnesium fireproof board, the living room fireproof board of the living room is not the same-Hebei Greens mgo board production line

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Glass magnesium fireproof board, the living room fireproof board of the living room is not the same

Is the glass-magnesium fireproof board and the living room fireproof board of the living room the same?

Three major problems that should be paid special attention to in the construction of glass magnesium fireproof board,we are provide mgo board production line and fiber cement board production line,you can know it. 

Glass magnesium fireproof panels are used more and more widely in construction projects due to their excellent performance. Three major issues that should be paid special attention to during construction:

1.Caulking materials for the construction of glass magnesium fireproof panels. The caulking material used in this product should have a certain degree of flexibility and expansion to prevent the sheet from being sewn. This caulking material is not allowed to be formulated and is not costly, and is supplied or supplied by the sheet manufacturer.

2, the return of halogen can not be used, especially in humid areas, humidity, unqualified glass magnesium plate is easy to return to halogen, there will be drops of water, not only affect the normal function of the building, but also corrosive to the metal, increasing the potential Danger.

3.The nails of the fixed plate must be rust-removed or stainless steel nails. Some overseas regulations directly require that the nails used in the construction of glass magnesium fireproof panels must be stainless steel nails. Because of the presence of chlorine salts in glass-magnesium fireproof boards, the corrosion of iron by chlorine salts is well known. Many domestic projects using glass-magnesium fireproof decorative panels have been exposed to rust on the surface of the embedded nail heads for more than a year. After a while, the rust will bulge into a mass. However, the more humid the environment, the earlier this problem is exposed. To avoid this ill, it is necessary to ensure that the nail is not corroded.

Environmental health:

The glass magnesium board is absolutely free of asbestos, formaldehyde, benzene and harmful radioactive elements. It is smoke-free, non-toxic and has no odor. The materials produced are natural mineral powder and plant fiber. The production process is naturally maintained, consumes less energy, has no pollutants, is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. When used, the surface does not contain powder. Its unique natural pore structure can adjust the indoor temperature. Make the living room and office more comfortable.

Fire prevention excellence:

The glass magnesium board has good fireproof performance, is non-combustible sheet, the flame has continuous burning time of zero, does not burn at 800 °C, has no fire at 1200 °C, reaches the highest fire-proof and non-combustible grade A1, and the partition system made of high-quality keel, the fire limit reaches 3 hours. Above, in the process of burning in the fire, it can absorb a large amount of heat energy and delay the rise of the ambient temperature.

Sound and tranquility:

The superior sound insulation of the glass magnesium board ensures a quiet and elegant living environment. The light weight of the thin plate does not affect the sound insulation performance of the glass magnesium plate. The sound insulation of the 6mm thick plate is 29dB, and the sound insulation sound of the double-sided single-layer 9mm glass magnesium plate + 75 keel + 50 rock wool partition system is greater than 42dB. The pore structure is incomparable to other dense glass magnesium plates.

Superior strength:

Magnesite special 5.1.8 dense fiberglass cloth and good tough plant fiber, the glass magnesium plate is light in weight, but compact in structure, good in stability, non-deformable, wood-like toughness, anti-impact, anti-impact Excellent performance in compression, tensile and fracture resistance, rigidity and toughness, bending strength up to 322kgf/cm2 (vertical) and 216kgf/cm2 (horizontal), impact strength up to 25MPa

The fireproof board of the living room of the living room is a kind of glass magnesium fireproof board, which has the following advantages:

★Fireproof 800 °C does not burn, 1200 °C no flame, non-combustible A1.

★Waterproof It is not deformed, softened, moldy or rotted by the influence of moisture, steam or moisture.

★Lightweight The surface density is 0.85~1.27g/cm3, and the building load is small. It is an ideal lightweight building material.

★Super impact resistance, bending resistance, high flexural strength, good toughness and rigidity.

★Stable The wet expansion rate, heat shrinkage rate, and dry shrinkage and deflection are low, and the shape is stable and does not deform.

★Sound insulation 6mm thick board sound insulation is 29dB, has good sound insulation performance.

★Thermal insulation The thermal conductivity is 0.216W/(m.k) and has good thermal conductivity.

★Durable No frosting back to halogen, intensity increases with time, long service life.

★Cold resistant, resistant to -40 ° C, long life.we are provide mgo board production line and fiber cement board production line,you can know it. 

★Easy to install Can be sawed, can be cut, can be glued, nailed, sprayable, veneerable, strong nail holding power.

★Environmental protection It does not contain harmful substances such as asbestos, formaldehyde and ammonia, and is harmless to food and human body.

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