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Gypsum board grid ceiling is both beautiful and practical

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Gypsum board grid ceiling is both beautiful and practical

The grille ceiling, as its name implies, is a grille ceiling, that is, a hollow ceiling, which is generally structured in the form of an open grid.


Gypsum board grille and high crystal board are made of natural gypsum powder, which has the properties of high crystal board: light weight, high strength, fire retardant, heat and sound insulation, protection, and regulation of indoor temperature and humidity. It is the same. .

The grille ceiling is a relatively common decoration material in modern decoration, and it often appears in large shopping malls, bars with personality, and waiting rooms, subway stations, airports and other stations with heavy traffic.

Gypsum board grille ceilings give them different distinctive features, and in many cases, it will make people feel bright. Elegant and beautiful, as long as new, deeply favored by consumers.

The gypsum board grille has a combination of open vision, ventilation, light transmission, and barrier ventilation. It is novel in shape and has a strong three-dimensional sense of space. Its lines are bright and neat, with clear layers, reflecting a simple and clear modern style.

The gypsum board grille ceiling material effectively relieves the depressive feeling brought by the space. After decoration, the appearance is beautiful, the color is rich, and it is durable. The ceiling can be equipped with grid lights, downlights, etc., and can be combined with the modeling board to make the scene effect more distinctive. Installation and disassembly are simple and convenient, and it has become popular in the building materials decoration market in recent years.

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