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Gypsum board laminating machine for sale

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Gypsum board laminating machine is based on the paper faced gypsum board with thickness of 6mm to 8mm, spread with special glue on both side, then laminated PVC film and PET foil.  After laminating, the board is cut into smaller size: 60 x 60mm. The gypsum board ceiling tile is used as false ceiling for interior decoration. It is a new construction decoration material.  It has bright future and the profit margin is big. 

The gypsum board PVC laminating machine's main  process:  big board loading -- glue spreading -- PVC film and PET foil laminating -- pressing -- first cutting -- second cutting  -- side taping -- stacking --shrinking and packing ____ceiling tile

Gypsum Board Lamination Machine

1. Easy to install and easy to operate

 2.Full-automatic and semi-automatic

 3.Saving energy and labor cost

 4. High efficiency,high output

 5. Fast delivery ,good after-sales service 吧      

Chief Introduction:

This machine adopts latest coating and laminating technology, and is to laminate the functional or decorative films with the board together. The whole machine is in synchronous way.

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