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House Interior No Radiation Particle MGO Board Production Line

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Product Description

Fireproof Materials/ Fireproof mgo board (usually called magnesium oxide board) is the building material widely used in the construction area.The stable magnesium colloid is reinforced by middle alkali glass fiber net and stuffed by light material then becomes new flameless decorative material.

Composition:The materials of paper magnesium fireproof board are Magnesia(Mgo), Magnesium Chlorid(MgCl2) and alkali glass fiber net.

Applications: Internal and external walls, hotels, restaurants, factory shopping malls, cinemas, theatres, hospitals, train or bus terminals, airports, and school constructions.



Thickness: 3 - 20mm

Different sizes are available.


House Interior No Radiation Particle MGO Board Production Line

1.The MgO board is environmental friendly, high fireproof and waterproof, can be painted, laminated. nailed and sawn. It is widely used for ceiling, wall panel, decorating of indoor wall and lining board for furniture.

2.Raw material and cost analysis 

The product is formed with crushed crop straw or sawdust and some inorganic chemical materials at one time after roller-extruding. The source of raw materials is widely and they are purchased easily for customers. 

MgO board can replace three-ply board, five-ply board, flakeboard, MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard ) and Gypsum Board. 

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