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How to achieve flame retardant extruded board

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How to achieve flame retardant extruded board

XPS extruded board has the characteristics of high thermal resistance, low linearity, and low expansion ratio. The vacuum layer formed can stabilize the insulation performance and is a building insulation material. So do you know how to achieve flame retardant extruded board?

How to achieve flame retardant extruded board

hexabromocyclododecane flame retardant is an effective flame retardant, but ordinary hexabromocyclododecane is easy to decompose. According to the experience of domestic and foreign extruded board manufacturers, the extruded board uses heat-stable hexabromocyclododecane. The decomposition of the flame retardant will release strong corrosive hydrogen bromide gas, which will seriously corrode the equipment and cause the extrusion The flame retardancy of the board gradually decays with the volatilization of hydrogen bromide, but the decomposition temperature is not as high as possible. It should match the ignition point of the board. Generally, the decomposition temperature of flame retardant used in domestic equipment is 240 ℃.

The flame retardant of the masterbatch extruded board is a flame retardant plus a plastic carrier and a dispersant which are heated by the extruder to make pellets. The flame retardant component will account for 40%-50%. The masterbatch has good dispersibility and is used It is hygienic and dust-free, but the disadvantage is that the use cost is high. The flame retardant will inevitably have a certain loss after a thermal processing. If the flame retardant in the masterbatch is selected as the ordinary hexabromocyclododecane that is not temperature resistant, it will also There are also problems of decomposition failure and corrosion of equipment.

The powdered flame retardant is used early, and it is also widely used. Its advantages are good economy and good flame retardant effect. The disadvantage is that it is different from the plastic particles in specific gravity and is easy to delamination. The powdered flame retardant should be paid attention to when using it. The choice of mixing equipment avoids sedimentation and stratification. In addition, the flame retardant must be a stable flame retardant. The domestically produced hexabromocyclododecane can be used directly after being coated with a resin surface.

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