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How to paste the external wall insulation board? Glue or cement for pasting extruded board? What needs attention?

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How to paste the external wall insulation board? Glue or cement for pasting extruded board? What needs attention?

For buildings built now, in accordance with the requirements of energy-saving standards, insulation boards must be pasted on the outer walls. Insulation boards commonly used in exterior walls include rock wool boards, extruded boards, polystyrene boards and so on. But according to different insulation boards, we have to choose different pasting materials. The insulation board on the wall must be firmly pasted, otherwise the insulation board will fall off, which is very dangerous.

It is better to use cement or glue to paste the insulation board on the wall, neither cement nor glue is used. Both materials are not good. Why is it said that cement and glue are not suitable? Mainly depends on the following two reasons.

Reason ①: The bonding performance of cement is poor. The so-called poor bonding performance of cement means that the strength of the cement itself and the bonding ability after curing are very poor. Especially for materials such as thermal insulation boards, it is generally impossible to use cement to paste directly. The cement paste insulation board is easy to fall off the extruded board.

Reason ②: It is greatly affected by the environment. The so-called environmental impact means that we use cement to paste the extruded board, which will be affected by the outdoor environment and cause the cement itself to have more strength. Then under this condition, our insulation board will be more weakly pasted.

Reason ③: Glue is not suitable for directly bonding extruded plastic boards. Because the glue is a kind of glue, a kind of water-like glue. If this glue is applied to the surface of the extruded board, it can only be combined with the surface of the extruded board. When the extruded insulation board is stressed, the glue is very easy to separate from the insulation board. In other words, the bonding performance of glue is very poor.

Reason ④: The glue sticking to the extruded board cannot be leveled. Because our wall flatness cannot be impossible to be zero error. Therefore, if we use glue to paste on the surface, the outer surface of the extruded board will have a large error due to the error of the flatness of the wall. This method of pasting also does not meet the requirements.

Comprehensive analysis: Through a few introductions to the four reasons why cement and glue are pasted on insulation boards, we will find that neither cement nor glue is suitable for pasting extruded boards. Will cause corresponding problems.

What kind of material is used to paste the extruded board? How to stick firmly?

For the exterior wall pasting of extruded board, we must first select the appropriate pasting material, and then have the corresponding pasting method. Only by combining the two can the construction quality of our insulation board be guaranteed. Specifically, it is divided into the choice of pasting material and the choice of pasting method.

(1): Selection of pasting materials

For external wall pasting extruded board, I personally recommend that you choose the special bonding mortar for extruded board. That is to say, the extruded board has its matching bonding material, namely bonding mortar. Bonding mortar is made of cement, sand, rubber powder, and cellulose in a certain proportion.

When the bonding mortar is used, add a certain amount of water as required and stir evenly. This kind of bonding material can not only ensure the leveling of our walls, but also meet the firmness of the paste, and finally it has strong adaptability to the outdoor environment. Therefore, the bonding mortar is most suitable for pasting extruded boards.

(Two): choice of pasting method

The pasting method includes not only the specific use method of the pasting material, but also other fixing methods that we need to pay attention to. Because the thermal insulation board pasted on the outer wall cannot be completely dependent on the pasting material, it is necessary to use the fixing nails of the thermal insulation board to fix it. The specific performance is in the following two points.

①: The use of pasting materials. When we use bonding mortar, we must ensure that the circumference of each board of the insulation board is fully coated with bonding mortar, and for the inner ring of the insulation board, we can use spot coating to ensure that the bonding mortar on the insulation board is finally The coverage area reaches more than 60%, so as to ensure the adhesion of these materials to the wall.

②: Fixing of insulation nails. After we stick the extruded board to the wall with adhesive material, we also need to use special insulation nails to fix the insulation board. For example, for a conventional insulation board, at least 6 special insulation nails should be installed per square meter. When installing, we need to use an electric drill to drill holes on the wall. The diameter of the holes is consistent with the diameter of the expansion bolts of the insulation nails we installed. Then use a screwdriver to fasten the expansion bolt to the insulation board, thus completing the fixing of the insulation board.

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