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Is the extruded board the larger the bulk density, the better?

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Is the extruded board the larger the bulk density, the better?

Bulk density is generally the weight of one cubic meter used in engineering, that is, the weight of objects per unit volume. The density application range is very wide, that is, the "mass per unit volume", liquid, solid, and gas can be used. Bulk density=density*g, the unit is Newton/cubic centimeter.

Bulk density can be divided into: dry bulk density and maximum dry bulk density.

Dry bulk density refers to the bulk density without moisture. It is generally used to express the compaction effect of soil. The larger the dry bulk density, the better the compaction effect.

The maximum dry bulk density is the dry bulk density in the densest state obtained in the laboratory. Sometimes the bulk density can also be called severe.

The bulk density of extruded polystyrene board is generally 25-35 kg/m3.

Extruded board is a commonly used thermal insulation material. It is made of polystyrene resin and other additives through the extrusion process. It has a continuous and uniform surface layer and a closed-cell honeycomb structure. These thick honeycomb structures do not There are voids; this kind of closed-cell structure insulation material can have different pressures (150-500Kpa) and at the same time have the same low thermal conductivity (only 0.028W/MK) and enduring excellent insulation and compression performance, The compressive strength can reach 220-500Kpa. Moreover, extruded boards of different bulk density can be made according to requirements, so is the higher the bulk density of the extruded board, the better?

The higher the bulk density of the extruded board, the better

The extruded board has a continuous uniform surface layer and a closed-cell honeycomb structure, which also determines its excellent thermal insulation performance. In other words, the uniformity of the cell structure determines the performance of the product, and only proper foaming can achieve the effect of heat preservation. However, if the product has a large volume, the foaming ratio is required to be reduced, but due to the low foaming ratio, its thermal insulation performance is also greatly reduced.

Why do consumers think that the larger the bulk density, the better? Some consumers believe that the larger the capacity, the harder the sheet, the better the compressive strength of the sheet. In fact, the various indicators of the extruded boards produced by regular manufacturers meet the relevant standards, and their compressive strength also fully meets the compressive requirements of various projects. Consumers do not need to make special requirements for bulk density.

The normal requirements for extruded panels are good heat preservation and high compressive strength. The proper relationship between the two is the key to ensuring product performance; that is, the lighter the product's bulk density and the higher the compressive strength, it is a good product.

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