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Mineral Wool Ceilings Machine Introduction

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Mineral Wool Ceilings Machine Introduction

The light mineral wool board is made of slag wool as the main raw material, adding appropriate amount of additives, and is made by batching, forming, drying, cutting, surface finishing and spraying moisture-proof treatment. It is a high-grade interior decoration material mainly for ceiling, suitable for advanced The interior decoration of the building, such as hotels, restaurants, stadiums, office buildings, shopping centers, studios, computer rooms, airports, stations, factories, hospitals and other public buildings and home decoration.

Lightweight mineral wool board has good performances of sound absorption, moisture proof, fireproof and mildew proof. It can meet various types of architectural design needs, and can provide a variety of specifications and pattern patterns to combine different artistic styles of decorative effects.

Mineral wool ceilings machine manufacturer told Main characteristics of light mineral wool board: Non-combustible: Light mineral wool board has excellent performance of fireproof and flameproof, and is one of the most ideal fireproof ceiling materials.

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