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Mineral Wool Ceilings Machine Manufacturer

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Mineral Wool Ceilings Machine Manufacturer

First, the equipment features:

High degree of automation, low cost, easy to use, low investment, low land use, low energy consumption, fast return, high profit and no pollution.

Second, the mineral wool board production line process:

Mineral wool loosening→grinding paper pulping→mixing mixing→into the constant level tank→slurrying on the net→forming→into the room drying→cutting out the board (120cm*60cm)→playing putty→drying→spraying→embossing→cutting 600mm*600mm)→ Spray adhesive → package into storage.

Third, the main raw materials:

Ingredients: mineral wool

Excipients: 1, light calcium powder 2, lithopone 3, thickener 4, dispersant 5, defoamer 6, acrylic emulsion 7, sepiolite 8, corn starch 9, bone powder 10, semi-refined paraffin 11, Stearic acid 12, borax 13, boric acid 14, zinc acetate 15, flocculant.

Fourth, the performance characteristics: the finished mineral wool board with high-quality plasmid cotton as the main raw material mineral wool, does not contain harmful components of the human body, is a safe and environmentally friendly green building materials. It has the characteristics of elegant decoration effect, fireproof and moisture proof, heat insulation and sound absorption.

Five: the use of mineral wool board: the product is made of slag wool as the main raw material, plus appropriate amount of additives, after the ingredients, molding, drying, cutting, surface finishing and spraying, the ceiling is the main advanced interior decoration material, suitable for In the interior decoration of high-end buildings, such as hotels, restaurants, stadiums, office buildings, shopping centers, studios, computer rooms, airports, stations, factories, hospitals and other public buildings and home decoration.

A variety of specifications and patterns and ceiling panels can be provided to combine different artistic styles.

Mineral wool ceilings machine manufacturer told With reliable quality and excellent service, the company has a certain market at home and abroad, and has won good evaluation and high recognition from customers...

The company pursues sustainable development, creates brand products, and takes the enterprise spirit of "integrity, dedication, and forge ahead" to serve the customers better and faster!

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