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Most people don't know it! Tips for purchasing extruded board

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Most people don't know it! Tips for purchasing extruded board

The full name of extruded board is extruded polystyrene foam board, also known as XPS board. It is a material that is continuously extruded and foamed through a special process. The hard film formed on the surface is uniform and flat, the inside is completely closed, and the foaming is continuous and uniform. Into a honeycomb shape.

Extruded board has powerful functions and is one of the most inexpensive construction materials in the construction industry. It mainly has the following characteristics:

1. Excellent and long-lasting heat insulation performance

2. Superior water absorption

3. Excellent and lasting heat preservation performance

4. Unexpected compression performance

5. Good flame retardancy

6. High-quality environmentally friendly products

7. Low construction cost and easy handling

8. Anti-corrosion, durable

Extruded board has superior characteristics, so it is widely praised by the market, so how can consumers distinguish the quality of extruded board? How to choose high-quality extruded board?

1. Look at the raw materials (color)

At present, there are generally three colors of extruded boards on the market: white, blue, and black. Different color extruded boards require different raw materials. The extruded board can be directly extruded with pure polystyrene particles or powder, or it can be melted with recycled waste plastics and foam boards, and then processed and shaped. The extruded board processed with waste has many impurities, and the color is generally not pure, black or gray. The extruded board produced by polystyrene resin processing is whiter in color. Therefore, the lighter the color of the extruded board, the better the quality.

Second, look at the bubble

Cells are the key factor that determines the thermal insulation performance of extruded panels, so we must observe whether the surface layer and cells of the extruded panels are uniform when purchasing. The more uniform the cells, the better the heat preservation. The fine and uniform cell structure can increase the unit volume distribution of the flame retardant, which is more conducive to the flame retardant efficiency of the flame retardant. The uneven cells will easily overflow the internal gas and reduce the flame retardant efficiency.

Three, look at external force extrusion

High-quality extruded board will produce recoverable deformation or depression under the extrusion of external force, which is basically indistinguishable by the naked eye after extrusion. The inferior extruded board will produce deformation and depression that are difficult to recover after extrusion, and obvious imprints will appear.

Four, look at the fire resistance level

When we buy extruded board, we also need to look at its fire resistance level. Generally speaking, the fire resistance levels are B1 and B2. Level B1 is the suffocation level from the fire, that is, it extinguishes automatically after leaving the fire source, or extinguishes within 10 seconds. Level B2 is a slow burning level, that is, the fire will not increase after ignition, and the dripping will not ignite the filter paper. Generally, B1 grade extruded board is selected, which can effectively flame retardant.

Five, look at the thickness

Check the thickness of the extruded board and choose the extruded board with different thickness according to different requirements. Usually, users can choose 2-10 cm thick extruded board.

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