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PVC aluminized ceiling board

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PVC aluminized ceiling board

   PVC aluminized ceilings board belong to the technical field of architectural decoration. In order to provide a ceiling with moisture-proof, waterproof, good thermal insulation performance, and flexible decorative effects, the utility model adopts the following technical solutions: PVC aluminized ceilings, including gypsum core boards , The front of the gypsum core board is affixed with protective paper and PVC film in turn, the back is affixed with protective paper and aluminized film in turn, and the four sides of the ceiling are covered with film-coated tape.

    The ceiling uses ordinary gypsum board as the core board, and the front and back sides are covered with PVC film and aluminized film, which not only maintains the light weight and stability of the gypsum board, but also gives the ceiling excellent barrier properties; at the same time, PVC film is also convenient to carry various styles of color patterns, thereby improving the decorative effect of the ceiling; while the film-coated tape can effectively prevent the edge of the gypsum core board from being damaged and falling off, which is convenient for transportation and prolongs the service life.

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