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Selection and Purchasing Skills of Fiber Cement Pressure Plate

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How to evaluate the quality of fiber cement pressure board? These are closely related to the equipment, raw materials, formula, process, production level, management system and management level of the manufacturer. How to choose a real high density fibre cement pressure plate is a problem of concern to everyone. Here are some shopping skills for your reference.we are fiber cement board production line for sale,you can know it.

1. Ask for special specifications:

Compressor-free manufacturers can only produce 6-12 mm thick ordinary cement plate, small press manufacturers can not produce ultra-thin and ultra-thick plate, can not produce ultra-thin plate and ultra-thick plate products manufacturers that their press is too small or even no press, naturally can not produce good fiber cement pressure plate.

2. Computational density:

The quality and density of fiber cement pressure board are closely related. Users can judge whether the board is good or not according to the weight of the board, whether it is fiber cement pressure board or calcium silicate board.

The density of fibre cement pressure board is about 1.8g/cm.

3, the weight of 1200*2400mm in natural state is about 5.5kg/mm, the density of thick plate (15-30mm) is about 1.95, and the weight of 200*2400mm in natural state is about 6kg/mm.

The density of ordinary cement or non-compacted slab is about 1.5 mg/cm3 and the weight is about

 4.5 kg/mm. The density of calcium silicate board is about 1.2g/cm3 and 3.5kg/mm.

3. Choose a strong manufacturer:

To purchase from the manufacturer, we can avoid the illegal merchants using the goods from other manufacturers as the second best. Contact several manufacturers to compare the strength of the manufacturer on the spot, so as to buy good products.

 When choosing a manufacturer, it depends on the size and strength of the manufacturer, management mode and so on. Especially, it depends on whether there are super-thin and super-thick plates in stock.

In the fierce market competition, all employees of the company with a high degree of dedication and good service attitude, won praise and recognition from customers.

All staff of our company are willing to provide high quality products and services to customers at home and abroad with good reputation and exquisite technology.

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