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The introduction of Extruded board equipment

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The XPS extruded board production line is a kind of insulation board made of polystyrene and foaming agent through high temperature extrusion. At present, the industry mainly uses HCFC as the foaming agent. The potential value of the agent for destroying the ozone layer is relatively large. At present, my country has gradually restricted the use of chlorofluorohydrogen.

According to market conditions, Greensun Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd. introduces excellent technology and tailor-made CO2 extruded board equipment for customers. CO2 completely replaces chlorofluorohydrogen foaming agent and truly realizes fluorine-free foaming process. According to the various needs of customers, it can also share a variety of foaming agents, one machine for multiple purposes, the whole process is controlled by a central computer, and the production process is intelligent.

Working principle of XPS extruded board production line:

The main raw material used in the XPS extruded board production line is new or recycled polystyrene (PS) pellets. It is usually necessary to add additives such as masterbatch or flame retardant, and feed the mixed raw materials to the first-stage extrusion unit for melting Plasticization and stirring, continuous injection of blowing agent (such as freon, butane and carbon dioxide CO2, etc.) and rapid mixing and pressurization, and then extruding through a hydraulic screen changer to filter out the impurities in the fluid polymer, and then the mixture It is sent to the second-stage extrusion unit to further fully mix and lower the temperature. At this stage, the temperature and pressure of the polymer are accurately controlled, and then it is extruded through the die. At this time, the blowing agent mixed in the polymer to maintain high pressure is in When the pressure is released instantly, the foaming agent vaporizes to form a lot of independent tiny bubbles, which are wrapped in polystyrene bubble, and cooled and shaped to form a closed-cell honeycomb sheet with uniform cross-section, followed by a leveler and a traction conveyor roller. Then, the XPS extruded board of the predetermined size is obtained through the cutting system, and then the stacking and packaging are put into storage. The corner waste is recycled through the recycling granulator. Under normal circumstances, XPS extruded board plates have to undergo grooving, surface roughening or milling to meet different applications.

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