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What are the differences between B1 and B2 extruded insulation boards?

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What are the differences between B1 and B2 extruded insulation boards?

The extruded thermal insulation board uses polystyrene resin as the main raw material. In the production process, the heating and mixing process is adopted, and the structure of the raw material is changed by using a catalyst, so that under the action of extrusion, a continuous closed-cell foam structure is formed to achieve the effect of thermal insulation. Xps extruded sheet has good performance and simple production process. Extruded insulation boards are divided into B1 and B2 grades according to the fire rating. What are the differences between B1 and B2 extruded insulation boards?

The difference between B1 grade and B2 grade of extruded insulation board is different

1. Price

Since the performance of B1-level insulation materials is generally better than that of B2-level insulation materials, the price of B1-level insulation materials is higher, and B2-level insulation materials are more suitable for buildings that do not require high fire performance. When purchasing products, customers need to make precise choices according to their use and architectural environment, and also consider their own costs.

2. Fire resistance

B1-level insulation material is a non-flammable substance, while B2-level insulation material has relatively poor fire performance. With the same fire source in contact with these two materials, the B2-class insulation material burns faster than the b1-class insulation material. Therefore, the fire performance of B2-level insulation materials is worse than that of B1-level insulation materials, which will also affect its use in buildings.

3. Combustion phenomenon

If the same fire source burns B1 and B2 thermal insulation materials and both appear to burn, after the fire source leaves quickly, B1 will slowly extinguish itself and will not transmit its own flame to the surrounding environment. However, after the fire source leaves, the B2-level material will continue to burn. If there are flammable materials around, a major safety accident will occur. Class B1 thermal insulation materials can effectively prevent the spread of fire and ensure the overall structure of the building.

4. Other properties

Most B1-level thermal insulation materials and B2-level thermal insulation materials only differ in fire performance, thermal insulation performance, strength and hardness, and the environmental uses of use are also different. In addition, there are many types of B1 thermal insulation materials, and the thermal insulation materials of the materials have different properties. If the grades B1 and B2 are extruded boards, the waterproof performance and fabric capacity are very different.

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