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What are the specifications of mineral wool board?

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Mineral wool board is a kind of board that is processed and transformed by mineral wool. Most of them are used for ceiling installation in office. It can not only be soundproof, but also moisture-proof. It has many advantages. Well, many people do n’t know about the specifications of the mineral wool board, so I will take everyone to understand it.


What are the specifications of mineral wool board?

There are many specifications of mineral wool boards, which can also be adjusted according to consumer needs. The common specifications of mineral wool boards are mainly 300mm * 600mm, 600mm * 600mm, 600mm * 1200mm. The thickness of mineral wool boards can also be based on the actual needs of consumers. Adjust with the production capacity of the manufacturer. The common specifications are 20mm, 19mm, 18mm, 16mm, 15mm, 14mm, 9mm and so on.

What are the advantages of mineral wool board?

The biggest advantages of mineral wool board are good sound absorption, outstanding fire resistance and small quality. It is a high-efficiency and energy-saving construction material. It is light in weight and generally controlled between 180-450kg / m3. There is no heavy feeling during use. It gives people a feeling of safety and reassurance and can reduce the weight of the building. At the same time, the mineral wool board also has good thermal insulation and flame retardant properties. The average thermal conductivity of the mineral wool board is small and easy to keep warm. The main raw material of the mineral wool board is mineral wool, which has a melting point of 1300 ° C and has high fire resistance.

What are the disadvantages of mineral wool board?

The sound absorption and sound insulation effects of mineral wool board often need to reduce the density to make it hollow; or punching, these methods will significantly reduce the strength of the mineral wool board, resulting in easy damage during lifting. The surface of the mineral wool board is mainly white, which is easily affected by other volatile solvents and yellowing. It is recommended to finish the installation. Due to the unevenness of the spraying process, the problem of color difference is more prominent, so you should check the color yourself when buying. Sanding boards and embossed boards often drop dust and are not recommended for use in humid environments.

What are the brands of mineral wool board?


Meiluda is a modern enterprise mainly producing green environmental protection mineral wool board. The company has international advanced production technology, among which it has reached the international high-end level in anti-sag resistance. Its products have passed the national fire safety standards for building materials, and have the advantages of no deformation. The company has been recognized by consumers everywhere for its excellent product quality.


Armstrong was established in 1900, is a comprehensive enterprise producing floor, ceiling, cabinets and other products. Armstrong is a well-known mineral wool board brand in the United States, and it is also the first company to promote mineral wool board in China. After years of development, the company has become a global leader in ceiling systems.

3.Star card

Xingpai is a modern enterprise that mainly produces mineral wool ceilings and other products. The company is strong, its production scale is in the leading position in China, it has first-class production equipment, the world's top research and development team, and its products have passed a number of authoritative certifications such as the Ten Ring Certification. .


Long brand mineral wool board is a brand of Central Enterprise North New Building Materials. The company is strong, has the world's largest mineral wool production line, uses international advanced production technology, and its product output ranks among the top in the world. Its products have green environmental protection, high sound insulation, etc. advantage.

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