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What material is extruded board made of? what's the effect?

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What material is extruded board made of? what's the effect?

   The main materials of extruded board are polystyrene resin and polymer, which can be used in the insulation work of building exterior walls.

Extruded board is a kind of insulation board made of polystyrene resin. During the heating and mixing process, polymer and catalyst are added, so that the original material forms a special continuous closed-cell foam structure. The production of extruded board is relatively simple, and its structure does not produce any gaps, so the indoor temperature will not change, and the outdoor cold air will not easily penetrate into the room. It has excellent thermal insulation effect and is suitable for It has a wide range and has been warmly welcomed by the market.

Extruded board has a wide range of functions, and its performance determines its role. It has the following excellent performance characteristics:

    1. Green and environmentally friendly and pollution-free, this is a non-toxic and harmless insulation material, which is extremely friendly to the surrounding environment.

    2. Good dimensional stability. During use, the extruded board is not easy to deform and crack.

    3. Good waterproof performance, this kind of board is not easy to let moisture pass through, and it is not easy to absorb moisture in the air, and the performance is stable.

    4. Convenient installation, saving labor costs, convenient installation and transportation by workers, simple product installation and easy operation.

    5. Anti-acid, anti-alkali and anti-corrosion. It is not easy to produce bacteria and viruses and will not rot when used in a long-term humid environment.

    6. High cost performance. Extruded board has many advantages. Compared with most insulation materials, the price is not expensive.

    7. The service life is long, and the surface is not easy to crack. It can also extend the service life of the building by relying on its own structure.

    8. It is not easy to burn and has good fire prevention performance. It is not easy to cause accidents and accidents during use, and prevents the spread and expansion of fire.

Because the extruded board has the above excellent properties, it has these functions:

    1. It can be used for thermal insulation of building roofs, and thermal insulation of external walls of buildings, or as roadbeds and ventilation ducts for high-speed railways. These places with high requirements for temperature and fire resistance can all take advantage of the role of extruded panels to achieve efficient decoration effects.

    2. In the production process of extruded panels, different sizes of thermal insulation materials can be designed, the thickness of extruded panels can be standardized, and lightweight thermal insulation composite flat panels and new fire-resistant panels can be made. In the production process, the structure and raw materials of the extruded board are changed to make its performance better and more extensive.

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