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buy gypsum ceiling tile machine

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Gypsum board laminating equipment is suitable for surface veneering of composite boards, which can be attached with wood grain paper, aluminum foil, decorative film and decorative paper. Suitable for all kinds of plates: paper gypsum board, calcium silicate board, wood board, particle board, MDF for deep processing. The equipment investment is small,the market for small and deep processing of the site is wide, and the profit is considerable.

The laminating machine can be divided into two types: instant coating laminating machine and pre-coating laminating machine.we are provide gypsum ceiling tile machine and fiber cement board production line,you can know it. 

It is a special equipment for paper and film. The instant coating laminating machine consists of three parts: sizing, drying and hot pressing. It has wide application range and stable and reliable processing performance. It is a widely used laminating equipment in China. Pre-coated laminating machine, without glue and dry parts, small size, low cost, flexible operation, not only suitable for laminating processing of large-volume printed materials, but also suitable for coating of small batches and scattered printed materials such as automated desktop office systems. Processing is very promising.

Immediate coating

The operation of this type of equipment includes three parts: sizing, drying and hot pressing. The operation is higher. The advantage is that the quality of the finished product is reliable. It has a fatal disadvantage that the oily rubber will produce gas that affects human health, so this technology is Developed countries such as Europe and the United States have been completely banned, water-based glue is more environmentally friendly than oil, and the cost of oil is relatively high.

Scope of application:

It is suitable for color film, packaging paper, soft sheet, soft rubber sheet and other laminating film (over film), making it bright, colorful and waterproof.

Detailed Description:

1.The base and the wall are made of cast iron, which will never be deformed, ensuring that the accuracy will not be affected during the use and maintenance of replacement parts.

2,the rubber roller and the rubber roller are made by precision. The concentricity error of the roller surface is controlled within 0.01mm to ensure uniform coating and save glue dosage.

3,hot composite steel roller precision mirror treatment, the film finished product is excellent.

Laminating machine

Laminating machine

4.Electronic automatic thermostat.

5.The hydraulic system is uniquely designed and stable.

It is suitable for the compounding of roll materials by adding a roll paper feeding device.

Water-based and oil-based dual-purpose machines can be customized according to user requirements.

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