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china gypsum ceiling tile machine

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Gypsum board laminating machine can order fully automatic and half according to your needs.

Gypsum board laminating machine can order fully automatic and semi-automatic according to your needs!

LV-1300FMZ01 automatic production line process (double sided)

Automatic upper plate Pre-dusting PVC film and aluminized film Cutting (manual / automatic) conveying Longitudinal cutting (dust removal) Horizontal cutting (dust removal) Small plate stacking conveyor Edged thermoplastic packaging Finished product stacking

LV-1300FMZ02 automatic production line process (single side)

Automatic upper plate pre-dusting glue drying and conveying coating aluminized film cutting (manual / automatic) conveying automatic flap coating drying drying conveying PVC film cutting (manual / automatic) conveying longitudinal cutting (dust removal) horizontal cutting (dust removal) small Stacking and stacking of thermoplastic packaging products.we are provide gypsum ceiling tile machine and fiber cement board production line,you can know it. 

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