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fiber cement board making machine application and feature

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Fiber cement board application

External wall insulation board: For energy-saving considerations, many building in North China were designed in the external wall thermal insulation. It is more common to use fiber cement pressure plate and extruded sheet as the external wall insulation board.

Fiber cement board is a new type of building decoration material, which is mainly made from high-grade siliceous materials and lime refractory with the mixture of natural fiber as reinforcing material.

1.Fuel:  natural gas,coal,heavy oil or diesel.

2.Main material: cement,fiber;

Silica sand,cement,fiber;

Silica sand,lime,fiber;

Production feature:

1.Various pattern, plentiful texture and complete color

2.Easy to clean and maintain


Gypsum ceiling board is laminated PVC film in front side and aluminum film in back side of paper faced gypsum board. The features are waterproof, moisture proof, flame resistant, thermal insulation,radiation proof, anti-sagging, non-deformed, etc.

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