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fiber cement board making machine application and production feature

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Fiber cement board application

Fiber cement Board is composed of paper fiber, siliceous lime, slacked lime, quartz powder and adding appropriate reinforced material,processed by pulping、molding、autoclaved curing and drying、sanding etcs procedure to be one kind of new mtaerials with features of light weight、high strength、excellent refractory and heat insulation performance.

1.Fiber cement pressure plate used in exterior wall cladding is similar with the stone. Compared with the huge price of stone especially imported stone,fiber cement pressure plate has been increasingly used in all kinds of buildings such as many venues of the World Expo and the Asian Games.

2.With the rise in price, dual structure of the residential area are unfolding in all parts of the country. The use of fiber cement floor has the more advantages than the traditional density board (wood) such as water-proof and moisture-resistant, fire insulation, corrosion resistant insects etc.

Production feature:

1.Healthy and environmental

2.Various pattern, plentiful texture and complete color

3.No dust fall, moistureproof, mould proof

4.Easy to clean and maintain

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