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fiber cement board making machine description and product application

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Fiber cement board application

1.Fiber cement pressure plate used in exterior wall cladding is similar with the stone. Compared with the huge price of stone especially imported stone,fiber cement pressure plate has been increasingly used in all kinds of buildings such as many venues of the World Expo and the Asian Games.

2.External wall insulation board: For energy-saving considerations, many building in North China were designed in the external wall thermal insulation. It is more common to use fiber cement pressure plate and extruded sheet as the external wall insulation board.

fiber cement board making machine product description

1.Put cement, quartz powder, pulp, and other raw materials with water (controlled by Φ4000 backwater tank) in the pump beater. All material will be mix up in here continuously until reach the standard.

2.Transfer slurry to bucket slurry storing pool, and keep the mixing process to keep the consistency. After that, slurry will be pour on the running carpet, dehydrate through the vacuum chamber, compact and roll on the forming roller. The layer of the slurry will keep adding the thickness and dehydration. Thus, basic format of the board formed, called slab.

3.The left over liquid after the dehydration process will be collected and pump back to the mixed water tank for reuse. After the precipitation, sediment will be sent back to the pump beater with raw material for reuse. Mixing water will also sent back for adjust the consistency of the slurry. Clear water will use for washing the running carpet.

fiber cement board making machine details

Overview Quick Details

Application:EPS roof panel for Fiber cement board machine/production line


Automatic Grade:Automatic

Features:Easy Operation


Automatic type:fully automatic and semi-automatic

Raw materials:lime cement sand fly ash


Strength:High Strength

Use:Internal and external Wall

Main process:Drying

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details

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Fiber cement board is a new type of building decoration material, which is mainly made from high-grade siliceous materials and lime refractory with the mixture of natural fiber as reinforcing material.

1.Fuel:  natural gas,coal,heavy oil or diesel.

2.Main material: cement,fiber;

Silica sand,cement,fiber;

Silica sand,lime,fiber;

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fiber cement board making machine

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