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fiber cement board making machine

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fiber cement board making machine

Fiber cement board is a new type of building decoration material, which is mainly made from high-grade siliceous materials and lime refractory with the mixture of natural fiber as reinforcing material.

1.Fuel:  natural gas,coal,heavy oil or diesel.

2.Main material: cement,fiber;

Silica sand,cement,fiber;

Silica sand,lime,fiber;

3.Standard product size:                           

Length:2400-2440 mm                         

Width: 1200-1220 mm                          

Thickness: 4-30 mm

Fiber cement Board is composed of paper fiber, siliceous lime, slacked lime, quartz powder and adding appropriate reinforced material,processed by pulping、molding、autoclaved curing and drying、sanding etcs procedure to be one kind of new mtaerials with features of light weight、high strength、excellent refractory and heat insulation performance.

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