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gypsum board lamination machine factory:How should I buy a gypsum board?

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gypsum board lamination machine factory:How should I buy a gypsum board?

Gypsum board should be a commonly used material in home decoration, usually used for interior decoration ceilings. In fact, gypsum board has many advantages, it is light and high strength, in addition, it can also be soundproof and fireproof. Therefore, gypsum board is favored by more and more owners. However, there are many brands of gypsum board on the market, and the quality is good or bad. How do we distinguish them?

In many people's eyes, the classification of gypsum board is one: hardness is different! In fact, hardness is just one of the obvious ways to distinguish household appliances. The method is simple. Gypsum board is chosen for any use. Of course, people accept more difficult to accept. Under normal circumstances, many people will choose gypsum decorative board or fiber gypsum board for ceiling decoration, except for ordinary plasterboard for ceiling and partition wall. At present, gypsum board has been processed twice in the market, and a series of products such as cloth and aluminum plate have appeared.

Next, several types of gypsum board currently on the market are elaborated for the owner to choose on demand.

For example, a plain gypsum board is a lightweight board which is made of a gypsum slurry sandwiched with a double-sided cover. It is also a gypsum board commonly used on the market. It has the characteristics of light texture, high strength, fireproof, anti-mite and easy processing. Widely used in interior walls, partitions and ceilings. The waterproof paper gypsum board after fire treatment can be used for walls of rooms with high humidity such as bathroom, kitchen and bathroom, lined with ceramic tiles, metal plates and plastic tiles.

In addition, there are currently water-resistant paper gypsum board, fire-resistant gypsum board, moisture-proof gypsum board, and plant grass paper gypsum board. The core material and the protective paper are treated by waterproofing or moisture proofing, fireproofing, etc., such as inorganic refractory fiber reinforcing material and a large amount of glass fiber are incorporated into the core material, and can be used in a room with high humidity or various environments.

Environmental room, targeted. Among them, the PVC gypsum board is a combination of a gypsum board and a PVC film. It has the advantages of light weight, heat preservation, heat preservation, moisture proof, flame retardant and simple construction. It is very decorative and can be applied to interior wall and ceiling decoration. It is one of the most widely used decorative materials.we are provide gypsum board lamination machine and mineral wool ceilings Machine,you can know it.

Followed by the construction of gypsum as the main raw material, the fiber gypsum board made of appropriate amount of fiber reinforced materials. This plate has a higher flexural strength than a plasterboard. It can be used for interior walls and partitions, and can also be used to make furniture instead of wood.

There is also a decorative gypsum board: the decorative gypsum board is made of building gypsum as the main raw material, and is mixed with a small amount of fiber material to make various patterns and decorative boards, such as gypsum printed board, perforated ceiling board, gypsum embossed ceiling board, paper surface. Gypsum decorative panels, etc.

T is a new type of household ceiling material, suitable for medium decoration, featuring light weight, fireproof, moisture proof, easy processing and simple installation. In particular, the new imitation resin waterproof gypsum board is covered with resin and decorative imitation patterns. The tone pattern is vivid, novel and generous. The board is high in strength, resistant to contamination and easy to clean. It can be used to decorate walls, make siding boards, skirting boards, etc. It is an ideal material to replace natural stone and terrazzo.we are provide gypsum board lamination machine and mineral wool ceilings Machine,you can know it.

Also pay attention when selecting a gypsum board. When purchasing gypsum board, on the one hand, check the appearance of gypsum board, whether it is damaged, damp or deformed. We should check the front of the board by visual inspection. First of all, we have to observe the surface, the surface is smooth and smooth, no pores, stains, cracks, corners, uneven color and incomplete boxes. Observe whether the quality of the gypsum is dense and whether there is an empty drum. Like gypsum board, the higher the density, the more durable it is.

On the other hand, check the inspection report, certificate of conformity, honor certificate, etc. of the relevant products to ensure their correctness.

The company will adhere to the credo of "excellent quality begins with subtlety", comprehensively enhance the management level of the company, and aim at customer satisfaction, and provide more convenient and diversified quality products and services for the majority of Chinese and foreign customers.

The quality of our products is the premise of our development. The credibility of our cooperation makes us take care of your production. Your trust is the cornerstone of our long-term cooperation.

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