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gypsum ceiling tile machine manufacturer china

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gypsum ceiling tile machine manufacturer china

The veneer can be used for double-sided adhesive veneering of plates, which can be formed on both sides of the plate at one time, saving time and effort. CNC control of the whole machine, cylinder lifting, two plate dust removal, multi-way stretching roller pressing (including two heating rollers), pvc preheating, suitable for pvc bonding cooperation of various thicknesses.

The veneer is widely used for laminating, embossing and painting of MDF, multi-layer plywood, blockboard, glass, acrylic, mosaic, aluminum and various flat sheet surfaces. It can be laminated with pvc film, wood grain paper, paint-free paper, protective film, high gloss film, etc.

Through advanced technology and equipment, we can produce bright and elegant crystal plates, colored diamond plates and furniture panels of various colors. The surface of the device is smooth and even, and the surface of the board is evenly bonded.

Automatically finish coating, veneering, drying, hot pressing, and cutting. Advanced technical indicators, high precision, reasonable layout, novel structure and convenient operation are ideal equipment for sheet coating.

We are unique in the industry with its unique production process. Its products have been in short supply and are favored by customers.

Our entrepreneurial spirit: science and technology, quality, excellence, honesty and trustworthiness. The company as always has "quality is successful, service is perfect"we are gypsum ceiling tile machine manufacturer,we can guarantee quality.

gypsum ceiling tile machine manufacturer

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