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interior decoration wall panel gypsum board pvc laminate machine

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interior decoration wall panel gypsum board pvc laminate machine 

gypsum laminate machine for ceiling board decoration

This machine adopts latest coating and laminating technology, and is to laminate the functional or decorative films with the board together. 

The whole machine is in synchronous way.

1.Our company has professional installation & debug teams. We will install and debug the production line at the customers' place until the equipment produces the qualified products. 

2.We supply the accessories all the year round. The guarantee time of the equipment is one year. 

3.We are responsible for the technical consultation and service all the year around and solve all kinds of technical problems at any time. 

4.We can help the customer to do the consignment and the relevant procedure for import and export. 

5.If the buyer can not run the machine well then we will send the production engineers to help the buyer to run the machine, and we can cooperate for long terms.

Customer for the purpose, to satisfy every customer's pre-sales and after-sales service needs

Market-oriented, seeking and respecting every reality and potential customer

Factory management as the core, increase sales and market share and coverage

The new development is based on the standardization, serialization of the perfect design, product technology and continuous innovation. we are provide gypsum board lamination machine,we can guarantee quality.

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