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mgo board making machine manufacturers

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purchasing the production equipment of glass magnesium board:

1,to see the degree of mechanization of the production equipment of glass magnesium board. Looking at a complete set of equipment requires several people to operate and the labor intensity of the operator. Whether manual handling, manual feeding, manual application, artificial straw are required.

2.If the production of cement foam insulation board, mainly depends on the degree of precision of the equipment, whether it can automatically feed, automatically measure, automatically adjust the thickness and the quality of the finished product.

mgo board production line features

Features: Glass magnesium plate has high temperature resistance, flame retardant, sound absorption, shockproof, insect proof, waterproof and moisture proof, light antiseptic, non-toxic, tasteless and non-polluting.

It can be directly applied to paint and directly veneered. It can be used with gas nails and directly on tiles.

The surface has good coloring property, high strength, resistance to bending and toughness, nailing, sawing, sticking and convenient decoration.

It can also be combined with a variety of insulation materials to form composite insulation panels.

mgo board production line equipment Structural principle and specification

Structural principle and specification: The fireproof board decoration production line has novel design, reasonable structure and stable operation. It adopts double-pass rolling type plate making, one-time forming, uniform thickness and high output. It is equipped with a vibrating device to eliminate internal and external bubbles and make the plate more dense. The non-woven fabric is used as a separator to increase the toughness and strength.

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