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mgo board production line equipment features

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mgo board production line equipment features

Features: Glass magnesium plate has high temperature resistance, flame retardant, sound absorption, shockproof, insect proof, waterproof and moisture proof, light antiseptic, non-toxic, tasteless and non-polluting. It can be directly applied to paint and directly veneered. It can be used with gas nails and directly on tiles. The surface has good coloring property, high strength, resistance to bending and toughness, nailing, sawing, sticking and convenient decoration.

It can also be combined with a variety of insulation materials to form composite insulation panels.

Product use: It can be used as wallboard, ceiling board, fireproof board, waterproof board, packing box, etc. It can replace wooden plywood as wall skirt, window panel, door panel, furniture and other interior decoration appliances. It can also be used as a blending paint and clear water paint. It can be processed into various types of panels, and can be used in the wet environment of basement, civil air defense and mines. It can also be combined with various insulation materials to make composite insulation panels.

The use of glass magnesium plate: glass magnesium plate can be processed by sawing, planing, nailing, etc., or can be made into the structure of various decorative works. Finishing works can be done by finishing the latex paint, wallpaper, ceramic wall tiles.

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