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mgo board production line equipment features

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mgo board production line equipment features

one.New and unique structural design and production, saving equipment investment.

two,unique body design, segmental independent adjustment, to meet the production line installation in a horizontal position, high strength, high precision, stable transmission, to provide continuous mass production guarantee.

three,using four-roller double-drive rolling process, automatic feeding, hanging pulp, spreading, re-compression, cutting, continuous production of multi-function in one, saving labor costs.

four,equipped with a double vibration device to eliminate internal bubbles, making the plate more compact and smoother.

five.The conveying table adopts rolling bearing, the conveying is stable, the transmission friction is small, and the customized flat belt is conveyed smoothly, and the conveying is smooth, no slipping, no deviation, and durable.

six.The guiding mechanism adopts bearings to support gravity, the spring adjusts the tension, and the tapered eccentric bushing is arranged.

seven.Multi-purpose equipment, can produce partition wall board, ceiling board, building formwork, simulation ash board, imitation red (white) slab, oak board, fire embossed door panel, wall skirt board, ventilation duct, glazed tile Wait.

eight,production without three waste, green and environmental protection.

mgo board production line product specifications

one.Simple structure, not easy to damage

two.Low energy consumption

three.Advanced technology

four.Design according to customer requirements

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