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mgo board production line equipment manufacturer

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mgo board production line equipment manufacturer

1.The equipment is multi-purpose, which can produce various products such as simulated wooden ash board, slab, oak board, fire embossed door panel, wall skirt panel ceiling wall, wall decoration mural and so on.

1Simulation of wood water curved plate: provincial inspection, the appearance is comparable with wood ash board, with high grade, large format, with good characteristics of nail, saw, planing, sticking, etc. No need to stick wood grain paper, no paint brush wood The lines are beautiful and the lines are natural. It is fireproof, waterproof and corrosion resistant. The 1200×2440×3mm format is adjustable, and it can produce 200-1200 sheets per day depending on the model.

2Fireproof embossed door: Provincial inspection, with fire, moisture, sound insulation, heat preservation and other characteristics and can be nailed, sawed, planed, glued, low cost is one-half of the wooden door. Imitation of European and American, imitation of classical three-dimensional pattern, the embossing and the board surface are integrated, elegant and antique.

3wall decoration murals: using the plate making machine to produce the substrate, the veneer on the surface, and then cover the light, can produce landscape characters, flowers, birds and insects and other paintings. The frame size is 1200×2500mm, and the cost price is 20 yuan/sheet. It can produce large, medium and small widths, such as antique lines, aluminum alloy and stainless steel edging. This painting is fireproof, waterproof, corrosion resistant and never deformed.

4using plate making machine and mold: can produce ceiling and all kinds of carved wall panels, instead of wallpaper, wall covering effect is better

5glue stickers dry and cover machine: both are general-purpose equipment. This machine can be sold separately, glued, veneered and dried at one time to produce high-gloss, matte luxury decorative panels. High degree of automation, no wrinkles after treatment, and sensitive hands.

mgo board production line equipment manufacturer told The company has a team of engineering and technical personnel and skilled technicians. The company continues to develop, innovate, diligent and pragmatic spirit, strive for management, first-class reputation, first-class quality, first-class service, welcome domestic customers to visit and guide.

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