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mgo board production line product description

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Product Description

MgO board machine adopts the automatic template device to save the labour cost. It also adopts automatic coating release agent system, by this way the release agent is evenly, less dosage and clean. Roller and forming roller precision is high that makes the board uniform thickness and smooth. Automatic cutting film system adopts fixed length cutting method, cutter does not hurt the template.

1.MgO Board performance:

A. Oxygenic index%: >90

B. Level combustion: SO

C. Vertical combustion: SO

D. Water content rate: 10.9%

E. Capacity: 1.15g/cm3

F. Static bending intensity: 169.46Mpa

G. Density: T/ m3 1.13

H. Water resistance: Without chalking for 24 hours and there is no change on surface

I. No "Three-wastes" (waste water, waste gas and waste residue), no pollution and environmental protection

2.Raw material and cost analysis

The product is formed with crushed crop straw or sawdust and some inorganic chemical materials at one time after roller-extruding. The source of raw materials is widely and they are purchased easily for customers. 

The company regards product quality as the life of the company, with continuous innovation and development as the driving force. Waiting for the customer's service concept and enterprise spirit is the eternal pursuit of our company. We will meet the needs of new and old customers with better products and better service to create a harmonious and beautiful life for Chinese consumers.

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