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mineral wool ceilings Machine

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Mineral Wool Ceilings Machine

Mineral wool board equipment, equipment for producing mineral wool board, the advantages of this equipment are: high degree of automation, low cost, convenient use, low investment, small land occupation, low energy consumption and no pollution.we are provide mineral wool ceilings Machine,you can know it.

Main material

Raw material main material: mineral wool, sepiolite, starch

Raw materials by-products: paraffin, stearic acid, borax, boric acid, bone glue, zinc acetate, bone powder, lithopone, actin, trimer, defoamer, glass fiber, emulsion, thickener, wipe oil, hydraulic oil, Moisture proof agent, etc.

Mineral Wool Ceilings Machine Main device editing

1.Cotton cans: gland, cotton shaft, cotton wheel, gear pump base.

Put the ratio of good mineral raw materials (paraffin, acetic acid, sepiolite, starch, etc.) into the mixing tank, place the water, place the mined mineral wool, and stir.

2.Mixing tank: three-section shaft, shaft sleeve, flange, stirring tooth, power frame

3.Molding water line: dewatering frame, long net, long net roller, main, driven roller, forming main, driven roller, sprocket.

Using a sewage pump to pump the mineral wool slurry onto the forming water line, so that the mixing material is empty, flattened, cut and formed on the forming water line.

4.Cutting machine: frame, roller, roller shaft, roller

5.Drying line: roller shaft, frame, sprocket

The formed mineral wool board is placed in a hydraulic machine to be dried by a water-board conveyor.

6.Spray: spray frame, power frame.

The cut cotton wool board is sprayed with a sprayer and then dried in a drying line. The dried mineral wool board ginning is sprayed again and put into the drying line to dry.

7.Ginning: embossing roller, driven roller, frame

8.Trimming: The dried mineral wool board is trimmed with a cutting machine.

9.Packaging and storage:

The qualified mineral wool board will be inspected, packaged and put into storage.

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