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mineral wool ceilings machine major equipment

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mineral wool ceilings machine major equipment

Major equipment

1. Batching system: Put the well-matched ore raw materials (paraffin, acetic acid, sepiolite, starch, etc.) into the mixing tank, place the water, put the beaten mineral wool, and stir.

2. Cutting machine.

3. Drying line: The wet board conveyer will put the formed mineral wool board into the hydraulic machine to dry.

4. Spray coating: The well-cut mineral wool board is sprayed with a sprayer and then dried in a drying line. The dried mineral wool board gin is sprayed again and put into the drying line again.

5. Embossing: Embossing roller, driven roller, rack.

6. Trimming: Trimming the dried mineral wool board with a cutting machine.

7. Packaging and storage: Acceptance, packaging, and storage of the certified mineral wool board.

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