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mgo board production line automatic board receiving system

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mgo board production line automatic board receiving system

Forming line

This kind of line combined stainless steel tube and convey belt style. The stainless steel tube have been processed and polished subtly on the surface, all of the tubes are maintaining on a same level, which achieved greatly reduce wet waste board rate and guarantee the smooth surface,flattening,well-distribute and smallest error of the board. This line is adopted our unique designing of automatic wet board cutter controlling system, which achieving the purpose of cutting the wet board line rapidly and won’t hurt the moldboard according to the presetting length and microprocessor control and guarantee the precise length of the finished board.

Automatic board receiving system

The wet board will enter the automatic receiving system after has been cut with presetting length.This system adopted microcomputer and double elevators.The wet board with moldboard will enter the curing transporter layer by layer following the order of the microcomputer twenty boards with one curing transporter, and the double elevator achieve process production and volume-produce through alternate use.

Aolidifying rom with trackway style

This set of production line is equipped with four trackway,each way can be placed multiple curing transporters and processed solidifying here. The multiple trackway system can meet the purpose of volume-produce.

Automatic mould move system

The automatic mould move system that adopt the double cupulas and double lifters, stack the moulds and the glass magnesium boards each other,there is a conveying track between the mould stacker and the forming line, it can carry out the quick conveying, so that the continuous producing. The glass magnesium boards will be conveying to the edge cutting saw and start the edge cutting for cutting for getting the dimension of the boards what we request.


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mgo board making machine

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