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mgo board production line product description

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MgO board machine adopts the automatic template device to save the labour cost. It also adopts automatic coating release agent system, by this way the release agent is evenly, less dosage and clean. Roller and forming roller precision is high that makes the board uniform thickness and smooth. Automatic cutting film system adopts fixed length cutting method, cutter does not hurt the template.

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A.Simple raw material,no regional restrictions (cement,river sand,fly ash,all kinds of insulation materials,chopped fiber or glass fabric and so on),after one-time processing forming.Production technology is simple,low cost,less investment,quick effect.

B.High grade of automation,easy operation(operators through simple training can mount quard) ,low labour intensity,assembly line working,no noise,no pollution,no "three-waste" emissions in production process.

C.Low energy consumption,no need of high temperature,high pressure in production process,the products would be one-step molding in normal temperature,no special requirements for production are etc. conditions.

D.According to the different requirements of different customers,our equipments can produce different specification (length,width,height),all kinds of insulation board of different materials,to meet the needs of different consumers.

we are provide mgo board production line,we can guarantee quality.

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